.DJ Affinity is a young London based dj/producer John Evans, one of the up and coming
.breed of new artists breaking through in the Breakbeat/Drum and Bass scene. He has been
producing for 5 years, always taking in new styles, searching for a unique sound.
. Affinity originally hails from the Somerset/Bristol area, and spent his formative years there.
.Both his parents are musicians, his Dad professionally, so music was always a major focus
.of his early years. Starting very young, John played the violin, 'cello, trumpet, double bass
.and piano before finding the guitar in his early teens. The guitar was the first instrument that
.inspired him to learn off of his own stream. Gripped by the burgeoning indie 'Brit pop' scene,
.John's enthusiasm quickly lead to competent guitar playing, culminating in playing for a trad
.jazz band with his Dad. (not as cool, but harder to play!)
. At the age of fifteen, John was given a tape by a friend, a collection of tracks from the record label Wall Of Sound.
.This tape included tracks from the like of The Propellerheads, The Wiseguys and Mekon. This tape and its
.incessesant replaying led to a shift in musical focus. Money was saved and cheap pair of DLP-3 turntables were
.bought. Much like with the guitar, the enthusiasm to learn was in abundance and it wasn't long before John was out
.dj'ing in local pubs and clubs, pushing nu skool sounds produced by the likes of Freq. Nasty, T-Power, B.L.I.M and
.The Freestylers.
. During one night out in Bath at Drive By, a big promotional drum and bass night in the area, John heard two tracks
.that would again open the flood gates to a new genre of music. The tracks were 'Turbulence' by Moving Fusion and
.'The Pulse' by )EIB( (Bad Company). There two tracks were in John's opinion, miles ahead of any produced music in
.in terms of sonic content, sound scape and engineering talent. Both tracks at the time were absolutey cutting edge.
.Like most things in creative industries, learning one skill leads to another. The logical step forward after learning to
.DJ was to produce. John believes that ‘Turbulence’ alone was enough of an influence to start producing. Money was
.saved again, and a computer bought. And so began the long hard struggle to master production, the steepest
.musical learning curve John had ever had to climb. Taking in programs including Reason, Logic, Cubase and
.Pro-Tools, John’s skills as and engineer and producer slowly improved and with each new batch of tunes, the
quality increased.
. In September 2003, John moved from fieldy Somerset to concretey London to embark on the Commercial
.Music degree at Westminster University. With professional equipment at his finger tips and one of the world's
.largest musical melting pots at his door step, it wouldn’t be long before his musical horizons widened again. Whilst
.meeting and linking with new people in the scene, it appears that John’s dream of being involved in the
.London/Worldwide electronic music scene might not be so unrealistic after all. With the commitment and zeal
.already evident in the years gone by, perhaps its only a matter of time…

.John is currently finishing his degree at Westminster University and looking to stay on in London. John is currently
.working hard on new music and has began to receive support from major industry players such as Pendulum,
.The Autobots and Ctrl-Z.